Ahmedabad and Bengaluru see a big jump in hiring activity in November

Dec 3, 2021

By: Vaamanaa Sethi

Hiring activity

According to the Naukri Job Speak Index report, which came out on Friday, the overall hiring activity in India saw a growth of 26 percent annually in November 2021.

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These sectors saw the maximum growth

The onset of the festive season marked the comeback of the retail sector — showing a 47 percent increase as compared to Nov 2020, followed by the hospitality and travel sector with 58 percent and the telecom sector with an upward trajectory growing by 91 percent annually.

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These sectors created maximum number of jobs

The major job creating sectors were banking and financial services, information technology (IT) and software, telecom, medical/healthcare and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

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Getting back to normalcy

In a bid to fall back to normalcy, schools are primed to reopen across the country; the education sector experienced a resultant uptick in hiring by 54 percent in Nov’21 as compared to Nov’20.

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Metro cities which recorded the highest growth

The average year-on-year growth recorded in metro cities was 39 percent. Hyderabad and Pune (47 percent), Bengaluru (49 percent) recorded the highest growth in November 2021.

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Non-metro cities which reported a highest growth

The average year-on-year growth in non-metros grew at a slower pace of 16 percent. Among the non-metro cities, Ahmedabad (61 percent) and Coimbatore (28 percent) witnessed maximum growth.

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Demand for freshers

Freshers hiring across all sectors was seen with an upward trend, an overall growth of 27 percent in November 2021 as compared to November 2020.

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Demand for senior professionals

Hiring across all experience bands was positive in November this year as compared to November last year with demand for senior professionals belonging to the 8-12 years’ experience bracket witnessed maximum traction with 37 percent.

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Demand for other senior professionals

Hiring activity across all sectors for senior roles also saw an increase — professionals with 4-7 years of experience witnessed 30 percent growth, followed by 13-16 years professionals (26 percent) and above 16 years (20 percent) in November 2021 as compared to November 2020.

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