Desk-bombing, monk mode & other emerging trends at the workplace

Mar 24, 2023

By: Srishti Magan

For Indian employees, ‘the Office’ is calling​

Research conducted by LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, reveals a shift in employees’ attitudes towards going to the office – 78 percent of Indian professionals now do it by choice. And that’s just one of the emerging workplace trends. Here’s a look at the others:

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​Desk Bombing

LinkedIn revealed desk-bombing has been cropping up in conversations on the platform. It’s the act of dropping by your colleagues’ desks unannounced — and most workers like it. 62 percent of respondents in India see desk-bombing as a great way to have impromptu conversations.

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​Loud Leaving

Pandemic reinforced the need for boundaries and loud leaving is its result. Loud leaving is when managers visibly leave the workplace, making it known that it’s okay to shut down and stop working at a reasonable time — 60 percent of Indian employees have experienced it.

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​Monk Mode

For many employees, returning to the workplace means activating monk mode to avoid distractions. Monk mode is the practice of solely working on one task to increase focus when working in the office. Almost 1 in 2 workers in India successfully practiced monk mode at work.

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​Career Gazing

​Career gazing is the act of sharing ideas and hearing others’ perspectives in order to grow your career. As per LinkedIn, employees should set aside time to partake in career gazing and explore ways to unlock better opportunities.

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​Announcing your focused workday

No one can be equally productive 24/7 and some days are just more productive than others. Sharing your focused workday with colleagues fosters better productivity, states LinkedIn. 39 percent Indians picked Monday as their most focused day.

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​Thursday is the new Friday​

Indian employees are structuring their work week differently and it has altered their last day in the office. An overwhelming 79 percent of Indians say Thursday is the new Friday, leaving Friday to spend more time with family and friends and/or usher in an early weekend.

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​Work is for socializing

LinkedIn also revealed that workers are heading to offices to socialize, bond and be part of a team. For Indian respondents, social interactions, efficient face-to-face meetings with co-workers, and building work relationships were the top 3 reasons to show up to work, in that order.

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