Great Place To Work’s top 10 employers in India — from DHL to Barbeque Nation

Jun 22, 2021

By: Vaamanaa Sethi

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DHL Express India

This door-to-door goods and documents transportation company grabbed the first spot because of its ethical business practices, according to the survey. The company is renowned to encourage innovation, social responsibility and devotion to safety.

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Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive and Farm Equipment sectors

This Indian auto giant is considered as a great place to work because of management’s caring attitude towards its employees and their families, reveals the survey. Employees are trusted with their work and are given the benefit of free-decision making.

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Intuit India

The American financial software company is known for its culture which embodies values and customer obsession, says the survey. The organisation has been fostering several programmes for employees to balance work and life.

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Aye Finance

The six year-old startup with its headquarters in Gurugram, offers a wide array of employee wellness amenities like gym, spa, cafeterias. It also ensures both physical and mental health safety of its employees, highlights the survey.

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Synchrony International Services

The US-headquartered firm has been affiliated with India for almost 19 years. The survey indicates that Synchrony encourages professional growth and also offers a wide array of employee wellness amenities like gym, spa, and cafeteria.

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Harrisons Malayalam Limited

One of the oldest and most successful agriculture-integrated companies guide its employees with unleashing talent, touch lives, to be an outperformer and be happy, shows the survey.

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The cloud-based software giant has been helping out its employees in the entire phase of the COVID-19 pandemic — from distributing PPE kits to significant donations. Salesforce has one of the best people practices and initiatives, according to the survey.

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Adobe Inc. wiki

This American multinational software company has one of the best work cultures and a balance of business and engineering, says the survey. The company also offers benefits with special attention to education and wellness to employees.

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Cisco Systems India Private Limited

Worldwide IT leader, which deals in IT products and services also offers a great working environment and culture. The company promotes innovation and work-life balance to its employees, reveals the survey.

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Barbeque Nation Hospitality

The survey mentions that one of India’s leading casual dining chains considers their employees true assets of the organisation and so the company invests in personal and professional development of its employees.

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Great Place To Work reveals every year a list of best companies to work for.

The institute lists down companies based on two criteria — Trust Index and Culture Audit.

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Trust Index which carries 2/3rd weightage consists of anonymous feedback of employees.

Culture Audit, which carries 1/3rd weightage evaluates the quality of an organisation’s people practices.

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