How to get tax credits, rent relief, and PPP loan forgiveness to help your business through the rest of the pandemic

How to get tax credits, rent relief, and PPP loan forgiveness to help your business through the rest of the pandemic
  • Almost a year into the pandemic, businesses are still struggling to retain workers and pay rent.
  • The good news is that the available financial help is stacking up.
  • Business owners' biggest opportunities could come in the form of PPP, rent relief, and tax benefits.

PPP loans are good.

PPP loans, forgiveness, and tax benefits? Even better.

Business owners can use all the help they can get right now - and between negotiating rent relief, PPP forgiveness, and tax benefits, they have options.

In particular, the Employee Retention Credit may be an even bigger deal for small businesses than PPP, accountant Adam Markowitz told Insider. The good news is that now businesses owners could be eligible to get both - a change that happened in the latest round of PPP legislation.

Deadlines loom and funds are limited, so here's a to-do list to get the most financial assistance possible to make it through the next few months.


Talk to your landlord about rent relief.

According to a recent poll, one in three business owners is still struggling to pay rent. If you're among this group, it's worth trying to negotiate lower or deferred rent with your landlord.

Insider spoke with retired judge Robert Holzberg, whose firm produced a video of a mock negotiation to show how a commercial lease dispute would be handled.

Apply for forgivable PPP loans - it's easier this time around.

Not only has the application process been smoother this time around, but PPP funds are more accessible and flexible than ever.

Apply for PPP loan forgiveness (yes, it's already time).

You can spend this round of PPP on a wider variety of expenses and still receive forgiveness, but you'll want to start preparing now, Joseph T. Lynyak III, partner at law firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP, told Insider. "Getting in line and getting it done as opposed to waiting would be a very good thing."

Claim tax benefits for creating jobs, providing employee benefits, and using green energy.

Too many small businesses are unaware of the tax incentives available to them, Laurence Sotsky, CEO of tax software company Incentify, told Insider. One common misconception: Not all tax incentives require a profit; some may apply to your business even if you're operating at a loss.


Finally, Insider has also been tracking other emergency funding resources from a variety of public and private sources nationwide. As vaccinations ramp up, business owners see some hope at the end of a long year - a little extra financial assistance can help you get there.

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