Jobs to watch out for in 2021

Feb 3, 2021

By: Sanchita Dash

LinkedIn has just released its Jobs on the Rise report for 2021

3 in 4 professionals will consider changing jobs this year, the report says.

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Jobs are back in the market as the economy starts to recover from COVID-19

From the big 4 IT companies to startups, many companies are now hiring.

Credit: Business Insider India

Here are the career trends that will stand out in 2021 according to LinkedIn

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Freelance content creators

Podcasters, Creative writers, Youtubers

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Social Media and digital marketing roles

Social Media Marketing Managers, Social Media Strategists, Growth Hackers

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Marketing roles

Brand Associates, Affiliate Marketing Specialists, Networking Marketing Specialists

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Business development and sales roles

Business Development Associates, Sales Team Leads, Strategic Advisors

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Specialized engineering roles

Network Experts, Software Engineering Specialists, Back End Developers

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Finance roles

Equity Traders, Regulatory Compliance Analysts, Treasurers

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Education roles

Academic Advisors, Admissions Officers, Curriculum Developers

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Artificial Intelligence roles

Machine Learning Specialists, Artificial Intelligence Specialists, Machine Learning Engineers

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E-commerce roles

Online Specialists, Ecommerce Coordinators

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Cybersecurity roles

Security Researchers, Cybersecurity Specialists

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Data science roles

Data Science Specialists, Analytics Consultants, Data Analysts

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Healthcare roles

Medical Officers, Psychologists

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Human resources roles

Human Resources Generalists, Human Resources Assistants, Human Resources Coordinators

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User experience designer roles

User Experience Designers, User Interface Designers

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Customer service roles

Customer Service Specialists

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