Stipends are outpacing salary growth in these key industries

May 16, 2023

By: Rounak Jain

Average stipends rise in FY22

Average stipends have risen by 2 percent in FY22 to ₹11,600 per month, compared with ₹11,400 in FY21, according to TeamLease.

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What is a stipend and who is eligible?

Stipend is remuneration paid for services rendered by people undergoing training.

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Stipend growth outpaces salary growth across industries

Between 2020 and 2022, stipends in agriculture, BFSI, and travel industries grew at a faster pace than salaries. Stipends grew between 11 to 21 percent, while salaries grew between 2 to 8 percent.

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Job roles with highest stipends

In FY22, technical support engineers received the highest stipend at ₹16,500 per month, followed by agricultural sales officers at ₹15,200 and agricultural field officers at ₹15,100 per month.

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These cities paid the highest stipends

Chennai at ₹13,100 per month, Kochi at ₹13,000, Bengaluru and Coimbatore at ₹12,900, and Pune at ₹12,400 are the cities with the highest stipends.

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These industries saw the biggest rise in stipends in 2022

Textiles topped the charts with a 22 percent rise in stipends, followed by media and entertainment with an 18 percent rise in 2022 when compared with 2021.

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Top educational qualifications in terms of stipends

Candidates with a diploma received the highest average stipend in FY22 at ₹12,200 per month, followed by graduates at ₹12,100, post graduates at ₹11,800 and industrial trainees at ₹11,500. Those who passed higher secondary school earned ₹11,000 per month.

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These industries offer the highest stipend

The average stipend in the BFSI industry is ₹12,600, IT is ₹11,700, engineering is ₹12,000, and auto is ₹12,500 per month.

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These jobs saw the highest stipend growth

Human resources, retail sales, and agricultural field officer job roles saw the highest stipend growth at 8 percent, 7 percent and 6 percent, respectively.

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