Top 10 companies to grow your career in India, according to LinkedIn

Apr 28, 2021

By: Vaamanaa Sethi

Tata Consultancy Services

Around 75 percent of the employees and staff will work remotely by 2025, according to TCS. Where many companies were laying off employees, TCS gave two salary increments in the span of six months.

Credit: TOI


The company rewarded bonuses to its employees and also promoted 24,000 people across all levels. Headquartered in New Jersey, it plans to hire nearly 23,000 freshers.

Credit: BCCL


The company switched to gender neutral policies from policies based on gender or marital status. Accenture is also back to ‘pre-covid levels’ amid strong growth in outsourcing revenue.

Credit: BCCL

Larsen and Toubro

L&T did not lay off its employees during the pandemic, instead the company provided double health insurance to all its staff.

Credit: LT


The company aims to hire 26,000 new employees this year. It also organised various counselling networks to boost employee morale and well-being during pandemic.

Credit: TOI


Deloitte aims to create 75,000 jobs in the next 3 years as part of a new plan. It has a current roll of 50,000 employees.

Credit: Deloitte


EY is looking forward to hiring 9000 people in India this year mostly from STEM backgrounds. The company also plans to add capacity across all member firms this year.

Credit: EY

Wipro Limited

Wipro also has a plan to expand its workforce and create more jobs than the previous year. The company also conducted a national talent hunt to recruit top engineering graduates across colleges in India.

Credit: Wipro


Amazon India added more than 3,00,000 employees last year and the company aims to create 1 million additional jobs, globally.

Credit: Amazon

HDFC bank

To boost its employees morale, CEO of India’s biggest bank — in terms of market cap — had reassured them that their jobs, bonuses and increments were secure.

Credit: BCCL

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