China considered ahead in the race of being a global economic power, reveals survey

A survey done over 38 countries has shown that China is considered to be a fast-runner in the race of becoming a global economic forum, while people around the world, including India, think that the US is still at the top of the chart.

As per the survey, people in seven out of 10 European Union nations consider China as a leading economic power. However, as per the Indian part of the survey results, US is still considered world's leading economy.

Coming to Indians’ perception of China, 41% have an unfavourable image while 26% think positive about its place in the world economy.


Similar to India, Japan, parts of Asia and Latin America also consider the US to be the leader in world economy, while most of Russia thin China to be the same.

The survey was conducted by Pew Research Center, and it said that after the onset of the financial crisis nearly a decade ago, Europeans have increasingly rooted for China and not US, to be the global economic power.

"But in recent years, as the American economy slowly recovered, the pendulum began to swing back in the direction of the US," it said.


However, this year, people in several European countries have again started to show confidence in China.

"But these shifts are not limited to Europe; perceptions have also changed significantly in countries such as Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the Philippines," Pew concluded.