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Coca-Cola Made This Ad Entirely Out Of Footage Submitted By Its Fans [THE BRIEF]

Good morning, AdLand. Here's what you need to know today:

Coca-Cola debuted a new ad during the American Idol season finale last night that was made entirely out of footage submitted by fans. The company asked people to submit videos showing what it's like to take the first sip of a Coke using the brand's "AHH" slogan. The ad agency Wieden+Kennedy then picked out footage from more than 400 submissions and put together this ad:

Netflix will introduce its streaming video service to France, Germany, and four other European countries, the company said.

Facebook is trying to get more of its users talking about TV and music in real time. It's partnering with Spotify, Rdio, and Deezer on a new product that will listen to what people are watching on TV or the music they're listening to. It will then match the audio snippet to a TV show or song, and allow users to incorporate the information into status updates.

Time Inc. is putting tiny Verizon ads in the bottom left-hand corner of the front page of Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine this week and next. It's the first time Time has put ads on its front cover, breaking what is something of an industry taboo.

BBH hired Michael Densmore to be its chief global growth officer. Densmore was most recently chief marketing officer at McKinney.

The Ford Mustang is coming to Europe for the first time ever, and the company is announcing its European debut with an ad from the agency Blue Hive that will run during the final of the UEFA Champions League soccer tournament Saturday.

AOL's Adap.tv unit acquired PrecisionDemand, a company that uses set-box data and clients' first-party data to target television advertising.

Y&R promoted Jim Radosevic to be president of its New York office and promoted Sean Howard to be COO of Y&R North America. Radosevic was most recently EVP and global creative director of the New York office, while was the office's general manager.