Coconut oil is the cheapest health product that everyone should be using


coconut oil


Coconut oil is a godsend.

Three years ago, my best friend started using coconut oil after reading about it on YouTube star Jenna Marble's blog.


She could not stop raving about it: "It's a make up remover! It's a moisturizer! It's a leave-in conditioner!"

So I bought a jar, and I haven't stopped using it since.

For those who don't know, coconut oil is a sort of waxy solid at room temperature that becomes oily when it's heated up in your hands or if it's been sitting in a hot room.

Essentially, coconut oil is a sort of Holy Grail of natural products that is good for your skin, hair, nails, cooking, wood polish, dog care, and more.


These are 11 things this cheap, natural product can do:

1. Moisturizer: Whether it's on your face, body, or hands, coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer. Rub a little bit between your hands and it will instantly become an oil that you can rub all over. Though it's greasy at first, it will quickly absorb into your skin and nails.

2. Make up remover: Put on coconut oil all over your face before wiping it off with a towel or wipe. It's one of the most effective make up removers I've ever used.

3. Acne: Coconut oil has antibacterial properties which can help with acne break outs. Whenever I'm using it, I notice I get less of those tiny pimples on my face.

4. Treating infections/bug bites/bruises: Coconut oil has Monolaurin, which is said to be good for fighting bug bites. It also has anti-fungal properties and many natural health websites say that it can help with scratches, bug bites, infections, and even to help alleviate bruises.


5. Body scrub: Some beauty bloggers add white or brown sugar to their coconut oil for a make-your-own body scrub. Though I've never tried it, it sounds incredible (and cheaper than expensive name-brand alternatives).

6. Leave-in conditioner: When my friends have been introduced to coconut oil, this is one of the first things they'll try. Coating your hair in coconut oil and letting it rest for 10-20 minutes will let follicles soak up as much moisture as possible. The result is shiny, thick, and very soft hair (just make sure you really rinse out all the greasy oil).

7. Shaving cream: I know a woman who keeps a jar in her shower and will use the oil to shave her legs. Not only is it very nourishing, but the water will roll right off the oil so it keeps protecting your skin while you shave.

8. Cooking oil: If you're using coconut oil for beauty as well as for cooking, I'd recommend keeping one jar in the bathroom and second jar in the kitchen. Coconut oil is good in replace of any other cooking oil and YouTube star Jenna Marbles freezes it into ice cube trays to use in smoothies. It can also be used to replace butter.

9. Energy boost and health supplement: Many health blogs claim that coconut oil is also a natural energy boost that will also keep you full for longer. Though I can't speak to this, I've heard other people truly rely on it as a part of their diet.


10. Wood/leather/metal polish: Simply take a little bit of coconut oil, and rub it into your table, scuffed leather goods, or any metal surface. Buff with a cloth to a shine. Easy.

11. Pet care: Whether it's for a dry nose, cracked paws, or coat conditioner, coconut oil is a natural product to use for conditioning your pets. It's also safe for them to eat so you won't worry if they lick it off (some pet owners even purposefully put it into pet food).

Those are just a few of the uses for coconut oil - some health blogs have over a hundred things you can do with it.

So now, here's what to buy:

For beauty uses, look for unrefined, virgin coconut oil (this is what I use). If you're cooking, refined coconut oil is best.


You can pick up a substantial jar that will last for months from any organic grocery store such as Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. It's pretty cheap, and shouldn't cost more than $10. If you're paying over $10 for coconut oil, you're doing something wrong.

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