Columbia University Denies That Its Students Are Pilfering Massive Quantities Of Nutella


Columbia University has issued a release denying that its dining halls were spending $5,000 a week on Nutella.

The internet was abuzz today about a report from the Columbia Spectator's Cecilia Reyes which claimed that students were plundering Nutella from campus dining halls.

The report said that the university was spending $5,000 per week to keep up with students' Nutella-hoarding habits, and that whole jars were going missing.


Now, Columbia says that the number was severely exaggerated.

It says that the actual cost was $2,500, because of a 3-4 day period right after Nutella was added to the dining halls, and that number "quickly" declined to around $450 per week.

Here's the press release issued by Columbia University:


NUTELLA-GATE EXPOSED: It’s a Smear! Says Columbia

Columbia University officials today denied press reports claiming that campus dining halls were running rivers of nut-brown ink to the tune of $5,000 per week in allegedly pilfered Nutella.

Columbia Dining Services emphasized the mundane fact that the ongoing weekly cost of Nutella supply is actually less than one-tenth the purported amount originally reported on a student blog and quickly picked up by other media. It is true that in the first 3-4 days after Nutella was recently added to the dining hall selections, demand was indeed extraordinarily high, with students enjoying a large amount in that initial short period. However, the actual cost was only about $2,500, and quickly went down to $450 per week for dining halls that serve some 3,600 students, seven days a week at three locations. Ironically the media attention to Nutella-gate has cut down on the amount people have been taking in recent days.