Comedy Central is going to air all 254 episodes of 'South Park' for 8 days before the new season premieres


south park

Comedy Central Films

"South Park."

Get ready "South Park" fans.


Leading up to the show's season 21 premiere on September 13, Comedy Central will air an eight-day marathon of every single episode from the network's iconic show.

The fun will start September 6, and the only time the marathon will be halted is for the airing of "The Daily Show" at its regular time.

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So get ready to relive all the most memorable moments in the show's history: Chef, Kenny's gruesome deaths every other episode for years, spoofs of Blockbuster, "Game of Thrones," "World of Warcraft," and every religion (including Scientology), its recent take on Trump, and countless other highlights.

If you are curious how many episodes will be in the eight days, it's 254.


So get yourself ready (just no eating Chipotle beforehand).