Corinthian College student: 'We just wanted to finish what we started'


For-profit college giant Corinthian College announced Sunday that it was closing all its campuses, effective immediately - and now 16,000 students don't know what to do next.


Recent Heald College graduate Ryan Shirley participated in a small rally Monday to protest the schools' closing, speaking to the Sacramento Bee about the effects of Corinthian's announcement. Heald College is one of the schools that was owned by Corinthian.

Although he was due to receive a degree this semester, Shirley won't be able to have a graduation ceremony due to the college's closing, he said.

"Many of us are being displaced, our families are being hurt, students and teachers alike have been devastated, and we just wanted to finish what we started," Shirley said. "Thousands upon thousands of us are now going to be starting over and struggling to support ourselves over the next coming months."

Watch Shirley's full interview with the Sacramento Bee below:


Shirley told the Bee that the students "really don't know anything" - such as whether their loans will be forgiven or whether other colleges will accept Corinthian credits.

"It's just really sad because a lot of people put a lot of time and effort to accomplish these goals, only to have them stripped away from us at a moment's notice," he said.

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