Crack the most dreaded interview question in 4 steps

Crack the most dreaded interview question in 4 steps
In a job interview, the technical round is easy:- some reading, some practice and you are good to go. But HR is a hard nut to crack. There are no books available nor is there any perfect solution available. And then there’s the most dreaded question, “Tell me something about yourself?” One wrong sentence and you are out.

Shitanshu Prasad, an executive at SAIL, India’s giant state-run steel company, tells us the answer is as simple as the question.

“We are more eager to see the candidate engaging with us,” he said, rather than just blabbering about himself.

He gave this 4 step solution.

1. Show teamwork. “What is more important is whether they can work in a team or not,” said Shitanshu.

This is the reason why we have a group discussion where more than our logic, the employer sees whether we can work in a team or not.

2. Be free and frank with the employer and the team. “When we ask them this question, we focus more on the aspirations that the candidate holds for himself in the company,” he said.

3. Ask what the company has to offer.

“If the candidate is interested in seeing whether the company can offer him/her the opportunities which can help them to meet their aspirations shows his interest in the organisation,” he added.

4. Ask questions. Often the candidates are passive. Few will have the courage to ask the interviewers, “Now that you have a lot of questions, can I ask some questions?”

But asking this shows courage which is the second most important quality after team-work.

“If he or she asks me about the organisation, immediately the candidate is able to establish a bond with the company,” concluded Shitanshu.

(Image credits: indiatimes)