The first ever play-to-earn sports game for the metaverse will run on the Algorand blockchain

The first ever play-to-earn sports game for the metaverse will run on the Algorand blockchain
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  • Drone Racing League (DRL) landed a $100 million sponsorship agreement with the Algorand blockchain in September 2021.
  • The international drone racing league wants players to “race DRL drones” in the metaverse game that it’s creating.
  • So far, DRL hasn’t yet announced what it’s metaverse game will be like.
Fans of racing games like Need For Speed (NFS), Mario Kart, Asphalt 8 and others now have something to look forward to with the Drone Racing League ( DRL) launching its own blockchain-based play-to-earn (P2E) game for the metaverse.

The international racing league has not announced specific details so far, but the plan — as with all P2E games — is to give players ownership of their assets, or drones in this case, and their winnings with tokenomics coming into play.

Partnering with web3 game developer Playground Labs, DRL wants to bring drone racing to the metaverse, and alternatively to bring the P2E concept to drone racing.


Play-to-earn is the next-generation of gaming

P2E is a quickly growing concept that rewards gamers with cryptocurrencies for spending time in a game. Games like Axie Infinity, Decentraland and many others are built around this concept.


In fact, Axie Infinity was touted as a way that gamers in the Philippines were able to support their families during the COVID-19 pandemic when inflation was high and employment was uncertain. However, this claim has come into question with respect to whether the revenue model is sustainable and players can continue to earn enough to cover day-to-day expenses.

The DRL is looking to use the Algorand blockchain, which is often said to be the fastest blockchain network available, which perhaps means that it will use the ALGO token to reward players. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), too, will be involved.

What is DRL?


The DRL is a New York-based company that hosts large scale first person view (FPV) drone racing events. The company is valued at over $200 million, according to market data firm Pitchbook. In September 2021, CNBC also reported that it had landed a massive $100 million sponsorship agreement with the Algorand network.

DRL has confirmed that “players will race DRL drones” in the game, according to Coindesk’s report. Algorand will also be the title sponsor for its world championship that is to be held at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena.

“As a technology-powered sport, DRL continues to authentically innovate and create real use-cases on Alogrand's fast, scalable and decentralized blockchain platform. We're excited to create a new thrilling digital drone racing game with DRL and Playground Labs that will enable fans everywhere to own and monetize their drone racing experiences," said Algorand COO W. Sean Ford.

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