Bitcoin hits an all-time high $67,000 taking the crypto market to record levels

Oct 21, 2021

By: BI India Bureau

The global crypto market cap is at all-time high of $2.61 trillion

This is a 3.34 percent increase since yesterday

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And, the primary reason is Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency broke its own records last night

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Bitcoin’s price surged to $67,000

...Crossing its previous all-time high $64,845 on April 14

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As of now, the cryptocurrency is resting comfortably at $65,003

It’s value managing to retain 1.63 percent of its gains over the last 24 hours

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Even Ethereum finally crossed the coveted $4,000 barrier

The cryptocurrency is currently priced at $4,181 — 8.43 percent more valuable than yesterday

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Binance Coin’s price is at $497.91

The third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap only grew by 2.72 percent in the last 24 hours

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Cardano’s finally in the green at $2.22

Its value is up by nearly 6 percent since yesterday, which is only a 2.3 percent recovery on a week-by-week basis

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Solana is the only cryptocurrency in the top 10 to show double-digit gains

Priced at $182.77, its value has jumped by over 17 percent in the last 24 hours

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XRP continues to struggle at $1.14

After an uncertain week, the cryptocurrency is in the green by 3.5 percent as compared to yesterday

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Polkadot is priced at $44.01

The eight-largest contender in the cryptoverse saw gains of 6.42 percent over the course of the day

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Dogecoin is no longer just hanging onto the top ten…

The recent surge has allowed the meme coin to become the ninth-biggest player in the market by value

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Dogecoin is currently priced at $0.2526

This is an 3.8 percent increase over yesterday

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Much of this momentum is being attributed to the first-ever Bitcoin ETF

...Making its debut onto the New York Stock Exchange

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ProShares’ Bitcoin Strategy ETF exceeded $1 billion in trading volume on the very first day

Making it the second-most successful ETF debut based on trading volume on day one

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These are the top cryptocurrencies by volume according to CoinMarketCap | Prices updated as of October 21, 9 am IST and may change over the course of the day

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