Crypto market in the red as Solana remains the most heavily hit

Sep 17, 2021

By: BI India Bureau

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Solana, touted as the ‘Ethereum killer’, continues its nose dive

It fell by another 10 percent in the last 24 hours, currently priced $145.81

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The only currencies that seem to be bucking the trend in the top 10 are Dogecoin and Polkadot

Where Polkadot is trading flat at $35.96

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Dogecoin is up by over 3 percent at $0.2544

But still a long way from its record high of $0.74

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The meme-based coin’s recovery continues to lag recovery compared to its peers

Others in the top 10 have gained more than half of their lost value from May’s crash

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Bitcoin was able to rise to nearly $48,000 before dipping back to $47,800

The world’s oldest cryptocurrency is down by 1.08 percent

Ether is in the red by 2.65 percent

The cryptocurrency is currently worth $3,539

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Cardano, another ‘Ethereum killer’, also shrank with the market

The ADA coin is priced at $2.41, down by 3 percent in the last 24 hours

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Binance Coin, the token behind the biggest crypto exchange in the world, is also down by nearly 3 percent

Its price is currency $417.78

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The controversial XRP is worth $1.09, down 3 percent from yesterday

The cryptocurrency continues to be heavily hit after regulators in the US have ramped up scrutiny

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At the time, it seems highly unlike that XRP can climb over $3 to its last all time high

A further dip or ‘mooning’ will depend on who comes out ahead in this battle, according to CoinPrice Forecast

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These are top cryptocurrencies by volume according to CoinMarketCap | Prices updated as of September 17, 1 pm IST and may change over the course of the day

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Solana continues to plummet as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others rise with the market