From anti-phishing phrases to two-factor authentication – here’s how Kucoin keeps your account secure

From anti-phishing phrases to two-factor authentication – here’s how Kucoin keeps your account secure
This is the first article of our brand-new educational series: #ThinkBeforeYouInvest campaign, which is a consumer awareness initiative to help our respected users to learn useful safety tips, identify all kinds of frequent scams, to educate our users to drive responsible crypto investment only after doing their due diligence and watching out for all potential threats to their digital assets.

Protecting account security is the most crucial aspect when using KuCoin. As one of the most well-known exchanges in the world, KuCoin makes every effort to ensure that comprehensive security measures are set up to assist you in daily use and ensure the security of your account.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about account security on KuCoin, to help you better protect your KuCoin account and thus avoid any potential security inconvenience.

Tips to better protect your KuCoin account

1. Anti-phishing Safety Phrase (email/login/withdrawal safety phrase)


Sometimes, you may end up with a complete set of phishing emails and phishing sites, completely unexpected. In order to prevent such situations, KuCoin accounts have an anti-phishing security function.

Users can set a security anti-phishing safety phrase (such as a motto, etc.) on their KuCoin account. When logging into the website or receiving an email will display in the email from KuCoin or the login window. If the safety phrase is not displayed or incorrect, it means that you are on a phishing site or have received a phishing email, then please do not proceed any further.

From anti-phishing phrases to two-factor authentication – here’s how Kucoin keeps your account secure

From anti-phishing phrases to two-factor authentication – here’s how Kucoin keeps your account secure

2. Login IP Restriction

This is a very effective function to help you avoid frequent hacking incidents by turning on this function on KuCoin, which can initiate the account protection mechanism. You will be logged out automatically when your login IP changes. With this feature, attackers will not be able to log in to your account with the hacking actions.

From anti-phishing phrases to two-factor authentication – here’s how Kucoin keeps your account secure

3. Set up your KuCoin login password in a proper way

There are two basic rules to set a proper login password:

  • Never make your password too easy.
  • Set a unique password for your KuCoin account.
Usually, it is recommended that your password should contain uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and even special characters to increase the security level of your password.

And giving your KuCoin account a unique password different from your other accounts' passwords can strongly help to avoid the very inconvenience that when any of your accounts get hacked by accident, the hacker will not be able to get the password of your other account correspondingly and easily. And also, changing your password regularly is also a good way to protect your KuCoin account because you will never know in which way the hackers can obtain your password.

Please note that to prevent potential attackers from locking you out of your account, there is a 24-hour withdrawal limitation once a password change action happens to your KuCoin account.

4. Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Activating Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is also the priority to protect your KuCoin account and crypto-assets. KuCoin supports two types of 2FA: SMS and Google Authentication.

With the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you will not only get a "double protection" for your KuCoin account, but you will also get a convenient and easy step when changing your trading password or processing the withdrawal from KuCoin.

5. Set the list of your usual withdrawal addresses

In KuCoin, there is a security feature called Address Book which allows you to limit the wallet addresses so that it can be secure and convenient after setting your usual withdrawal addresses. For any usual withdrawal address you set in the withdrawal Address book for a certain token/coin, you give it the whitelist so that every time you withdraw to your usual address, only the trading password is required.

6. KuCoin Official Media Verification to help you identify any unofficial contact

We all know that there are frauds and scams happening every day in this industry from all kinds of SNS. To prevent any fraud in the name of KuCoin, we highly recommend that you can confirm an official KuCoin contact or domain by entering the telephone number, email, WeChat, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, or website address through the exclusive KuCoin Official Media Verification.

7. KYC Verification to better protect your account with convenience

KYC can effectively reduce fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing, amongst other malicious activities. In KuCoin, we strongly suggest our clients complete the KYC verification. For verified accounts, the users can enjoy a higher daily withdrawal limit and participate in the Fiat-Crypto service provided by KuCoin. And also, in cases where the client forgets their credentials to access the platform or when others take over their account because of the leakage of personal information from the client-side, the verified KYC information will help the client recover their account quickly.

II. Solutions when meeting security inconvenience

In using the account, no matter how careful we are, the loss of account security information caused by some objective reasons is sometimes unavoidable. KuCoin's login password, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and trading password are the three most important security information for user accounts, so when you accidentally lose or forget the relevant password/verification code, KuCoin also provides you with complete process guidance to solve the problem. Correspondingly not over. Please refer to the following KuCoin Help Center article to better understand related solutions.

Protecting privacy and security is paramount

KuCoin aims to protect users’ privacy and assets from infringement. Our security team has constantly been improving related mechanisms and performing periodic reviews to protect users’ privacy and assets.

It is also the responsibility and obligation of every respected KuCoin user to protect their KuCoin account and assets to avoid any security inconvenience. We sincerely suggest you take the necessary protective measures above to ensure the security of your personal information and accounts.

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