Lionel Messi’s NFT crypto art collection ‘Messiverse’ is dropping on Ethernity tomorrow

Lionel Messi’s NFT crypto art collection ‘Messiverse’ is dropping on Ethernity tomorrow
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  • Messi had also received part of his welcome package at his new club in cryptocurrency.
  • Messi’s NFTs are being minted on Ethernity, by artist BossLogic.
  • BossLogic has also worked with Hollywood studios for NFTs around their movies.
Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, who ended his 20 plus year stint at Spanish football club Barcelona recently, has launched his own NFT collection. The footballer has partnered with Australia-based digital artist BossLogic for the non-fungible token that will include special images of the footballer, who is often regarded as the best in the world.

While the NFTs officially drop tomorrow, the artist had announced the association on August 5 via an Instagram post. The post included a digital image of Messi, along with the caption, “Been in the works for awhile, beyond honoured to work with @ethernity and with the legend @leomessi on his first official drop!” Which also confirmed that the NFTs, titled the Messiverse, will be auctioned via the Ethernity platform. The platform is accepting registrations for the auction right now.

The images in question are of Lionel Messi, portrayed as a superhero, a Greek hero and more, in his new number 30 PSG jersey. The pieces are titled Man from the Future, Worth the Weight, The King Piece and more.

BossLogic is no stranger to NFTs. The artist has worked with Marvel Studios in the past and had also launched the Godzilla vs Kong NFT in April this year, which was billed as the first NFT ever to drop alongside a major motion picture.

Further, Messi himself is no stranger to NFTs and cryptocurrencies either. The football star received his new club’s fan token as part of his welcome package to Paris-Saint Germain, the French club where Messi is expected to play out the rest of his career. The club had said that a “significant” amount of fan tokens were given to Messi, though the exact amount wasn’t disclosed. The value of the PSG fan token had also swelled ahead of Messi’s arrival at the club.

Messi’s NFT drop is yet another instance of cryptocurrencies making in-roads into the sports ecosystem. While PSG is one of the leading clubs to have launched its own tokens, other large football clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and many more have done so too. On the other hand, Indian platform Rario had announced that an NFT-platform meant specifically for cricket on August 15.

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