'Daredevil' Actor Points Out The One Clear Advantage Netflix Has Over TV


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Charlie Cox, who plays "Daredevil" in the upcoming Netflix original series, spoke candidly about why the site is the right fit for Marvel's show.

Marvel showed off the first footage for its upcoming "Daredevil" show at New York Comic Con Friday to much enthusiasm.


The show will be streamed exclusively on Netflix in 2015.

During the panel, Marvel television president Jeph Loeb took fan questions under the condition the questions "pertain to 'Daredevil or someone that's up here on the stage thing.'

One fan asked lead actor Charlie Cox ("Boardwalk Empire") how it feels transitioning from an HBO show to a show like this on Netflix.

Cox said while reading the scripts for "Daredevil" there was one thing that stuck out in particular about how a Netflix series differs from regular TV.


"What we're going to be doing which is interesting is that because there isn't a week inbetween you don't have to ... you have to spend less time reminding audiences what happened," said Cox.

The actor added that if an episode ends on a cliffhanger it doesn't matter because on Netflix fans can just hit the play button and continue watching.

"Which is great because it means we get to spend more time on the real story," Cox told the crowd. "The other thing is when you watch a show you're all fans ... you remember what happened. So you're like 'Ah, we know this. Why do we have to be told this again?' So, I think, more than anything else, it's going to feel like a 13-hour movie."

Netflix's head of original content Cindy Holland has previously discussed the freedom that comes with doing a show on Netflix. Cox echoed that sentiment during the panel.

"One of the reasons I think that 'Daredevil' works so well on the Netflix platform is because as a character he [Daredevil] kind of does super slightly odd moves and so we're able to do that on Netflix," said Cox.


"You can make it a little bit darker and really give the fans who love that series ... what they want so much," he added.

After the panel, Netflix and Marvel released the first images from the series out next year. The first is above. Here's the other one of Cox in the first Daredevil suit below: