DataWind to give India its cheapest 4G Smartphone at a mere Rs. 3000!

to give India its cheapest 4G Smartphone at a mere Rs. 3000!
At a time when the big companies are announcing the launch of their 4G phones at super competitive prices eyeing a greater market share, Datawind is taking the road less travelled. It is all set to give the country its cheapest 4G handset at an astonishing price of Rs. 3,000 only. What’s more, it’ll throw in free Internet browsing for 12 months to top it all!

The catch here is that one can’t watch videos or download content for free. “You’ve to subscribe to a regular 4G plan for that. This raises questions of net neutrality,” said Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli. He, however, dismissed the possibility saying the company would not discriminate among websites.

According to him, DataWind’s plan is actually pro-net neutrality as buyers can access any website without paying data charges for browsing.

Datawind is currently in active talks with telcos for its device. The company already has partnerships with Reliance Communications and Telenor for the free 2G and 3G Internet browsing.

At a jaw dropping price tag of Rs. 3,000 only, the 4G device is expected to be the cheapest 4G handset in India. Currently, the least costly 4G handsets are available at around Rs. 4,000.

When asked how the company plans to monetize, Tuli said it’ll be making money through advertisements.

Image credit: Indiatimes