DEBUNKED: Ditch these dieting myths and follow the commandments for healthy lifestyle

DEBUNKED: Ditch these dieting myths and follow the commandments for healthy lifestyleWhen it comes to our health and fitness, we mostly rely on tips and tricks given online. We blindly believe all exercising and dieting tips and suggestions in various online portals, without even thinking about the consequences.

However, we should not forget that it is our body in question and one step in the wrong direction can lead to injuries and misbalanced diet.

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Health and fitness guru Mickey Mehta said, “One needs to be very persistent and perseverance with endeavour of wellness. It is our body, treat it with compassion, not with violence.”

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People who wish to lose weight and stay fit should concentrate on overall well-being and adopt a more holistic approach. They should seek advice from a dietician or a trainer as they will suggest us diets and exercises as per our body type.


Here are the myths you need to shun right away:

1. People think eating non-vegetarian will give them strength. NO. “Energy is weightless. So, vegetarian food, fruits, nuts, sprouts, dry fruits, seeds, herbs, etc, will give you a lot of energy and lot of health,” said Mehta. Keep yourself integrated, balanced, clean, purified, regulated and fortified.

2. Over exercising means getting results faster. NO. “One has to exercise sub-maximal. Just push the limits gradually, don’t get into injuries, don’t get into the push culture, we don’t have any train to catch or plane to board. It is our body, treat it with compassion,” said Mehta.

3. Never let your exercise be a punishment, it should be a celebration. Mehta says it should not be a chore, it should be a recreational, imaginative, fun, and simply enjoyable. It is like romancing yourself.

Instead, follow these commandments for being healthy and well-being:

1. Breathe consciously, in a regulated way, in rhythm

2. Exercise 7 days a week because as you eat every day, you need to exercise everyday

3. Rest adequately. It is quite important

4. Eat very wholesome, natural, nutritious, vitalising, regenerating foods.

5. Never try and eat post sunset.

6. Try to sleep by 9.30-10pm.

7. Have a very optimistic attitude in life

8. Chose your words, choose your thoughts, be creative in your words, be graceful in your words, and creative in your thoughts.

9. Be constructive in your behaviour and

10. Be benevolent, be compassionate, be philanthropic, reach out, help people.

Also, here are some spiritual mantras for you

1. Sleep every night with a wish to heal yourself. Wake up every morning with a promise to heal the world.

2. Wellness: for good biceps: uplift the poor, for good strong shoulders: take care responsibility of the under priviledged, for a good eye sight: have a collective vision for the universe, attain harmony order in balance, be deeper rooted in humility to be better fruited in humanity. Instead of one person walking a 100 miles, make a 100 walking 10 miles.

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