DeepMind has moved into Google's new office


Google Office London St Pancras

Tom Soar

A lounge area in Google's new London office.

AI research lab DeepMind has moved into Google's swanky new office in London.


The startup, acquired by Google for a reported £400 million in 2014, has been given two floors for its 300-strong workforce at 6 Pancras Square, which is also home to software engineers working on Android and YouTube.

Google has been moving various teams and divisions into the building over the last few weeks.

Around 800 Google engineers moved in on June 20, while another 2,000 Googlers are expected to move in over the course of the year.

Only five floors of the building are finished at present but Google expects all 11 to be complete by October.


DeepMind was previously based out of 7 Pancras Square - a discrete building next door that was once a ticket office for nearby King's Cross Station.

The move brings DeepMind a step closer to the search giant and could be seen as a sign that Google sees AI as an increasingly important part of its business.

Business Insider was given a tour of 6 Pancras Square office last month by Google real estate executive Andrew Martin and Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) architect Steve Smith. The building contains nap pods, a cookery school, a gym with a 90 metre running track, and massage rooms.

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