HAL delivers the first made-in-India Dornier 228 aircraft to Alliance Air

Apr 8, 2022

By: Vaamanaa Sethi

The first-ever made-in-India Dornier 228 aircraft was delivered successfully to Alliance Air,...

...which is a division of Air India Limited on Thursday evening, April 7.

Credit: Alliance-Air

The aircraft can carry up to 17 passengers and is a non-pressurised plane...

...with an air-conditioned cabin capable of day and night operations.

Credit: Alliance-Air

The light transport aircraft will facilitate...

...regional connectivity in northeastern states and better connectivity.

Credit: Alliance-Air

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) had signed a lease agreement...

...with Alliance Air to provide two civil Dornier 228 aircrafts in September 2021.

Credit: Alliance-Air

HAL describes this aircraft as a ‘highly versatile multi-purpose light transport aircraft’.

Credit: Alliance-Air

The aircraft has a wingspan of 16.97 metres, an overall length of 16.56 metres,...

...and a height of 4.86 metres with fuel consumption of 213 kilograms (kg) per hour.

Credit: Alliance-Air

With 6400 kg as its maximum take-off weight (maritime),...

...it can go up to the maximum cruising speed of 428 kilometres per hour.

Credit: HAL

The aircraft can take short take-offs and landings and...

...also has the capability to land and take-off from semi-prepared runways.

Credit: BCCL

Till now, Dornier 228 aircraft were used only by the army forces.

Credit: Wikipedia

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