Pakistan and China are reportedly building new missile sites along western border

Pakistan and China are reportedly building new missile sites along western border
Representative image: Bangus Valley near LoC in north Kashmir's Kupwara districtBCCL
Pakistan is setting up surface-to-air missile sites with the help of China in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), officials with the knowledge of the matter said on condition of anonymity.

The Chinese and Pakistan armies are reconnoitering the areas along the disputed India-Pakistan border to set up additional military infrastructure.

Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal R.K.S. Bhadauria, had said on Monday that Pakistan and China have increased their bilateral exercises in the recent past.

"There is nothing to suggest collusive threat," he said on Monday during an annual press conference in Delhi and added that India is keeping a close watch.

The Indian military has for long flagged the threat of two-front war. With the disputed borders with China and Pakistan active at the same point of time, the armed forces are stretched to the maximum.


A top official said: "Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) troops were also seen in joint reconnaissance in forward areas at Deolian and Jura in PoK along with Pakistan's 12 infantry brigade as well as the Minimarg-based forces under Force Commander Northern Areas (FCNA), the division size formation of the Pakistan Army."

The official said that construction work for installation of surface-to-air missile defence system is being carried out by the Pakistan Army and the PLA at Pauli Pir near Lasadanna Dhok in PoK.

"Approximately 120 Pakistan Army personnel and 25 to 40 civilians are working on the construction site," said the source, adding that the control room for the system will be located at the headquarters of PoK.

"Ten PLA troops, including three officers, will be deployed at the control room," the source said.

"Similar constructions have also been reported at Chinar village and Chakothi village in Hattian Bala district of PoK," the source said.

It was further noticed that a road is being constructed by engineers from China from Jaglot to Gauri Kot and is likely to be extended till Gultari.

The PLA troops were also observed in general areas of Jaglot with the Minimarg-based 80 infantry brigade of the FCNA.

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