All of Delhi in under 3 minutes

All of Delhi
in under 3 minutes

Delhi, India’s capital city, one with vast history attached is always a traveler’s delight. A reason why travelers from across the world throng it to have dekko at the Mughal-era monuments, temples and mosques in addition to getting a taste of its rich diverse culture, woven intricately through many years and several narratives. But, if you aren’t one of those lucky souls to have relished all this first-hand, we have a unique solution for you, that too in under 3 minutes.

The Storygraphers, a group of filmmakers from Delhi, have created a short time-lapse kind of video that takes you through Delhi and its most ravishing parts in just 2.5 minutes, called ‘Delhi in Motion’.


Using video, video lapse and time lapse, the video takes you through a tour of Delhi, showing you its monuments, eateries, people and streets. You can spy the rickshaws of Old Delhi and the new-age e-rickshaws of New Delhi within the blink of an eye, while also catching a glimpse of Delhi’s lifeline, the metro, running silently, like the pleasant breeze at India Gate.

Naveen Kumar was the one holding the camera and was assisted by Akshay Kapoor and Hardik Gaurav, while Ashish Tripathi edited the video to make Delhi look even more beautiful. Other than this, the added feature in the video is the soothing music and the voice over by Rahul Augustine.

Here, have a look!