Traffic violations fall 79% in Delhi as crippling penalties instill fear

Traffic policemen impose penalties on traffic offenders as the newly amended Motor Vehicles Act comes into force from September 1, at Ring Road in New Delhi.Photo/Ravi Choudhary)(
The new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019 kicked off a new regime of crippling penalties for traffic violations. Even as commuters cribbed, the high penalties seemed to have had the desirable effect.

The number of challans, invoices for penalties, fell to 73,000 in the first 15 days of September compared to 350,000 in the last fortnight of August, according to a report from a Hindi-language daily Amar Ujala.

Last few days, Indian media has been flush with reports of never-heard-of penalties for violating traffic rules. A ₹2 lakh fine on a truck driver for ten offences including not wearing a seat belt, not having a licence and pollution certificate made headlines. A drunk man even set fire to his vehicle after the cops fined him ₹16,000 for not following the rules of the road.


The Delhi government under Chief Arvind Kejriwal refused to buckle under pressure to lower the penalties. Despite all resentment, the penalties seemed to enforced some discipline. Even the traffic in the National Capital Region has dipped by as much as 30% at some intersections, according to another report.

Here’s a list of fines you will have to pay if Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019 comes into effect