DeLorean is back with a mysterious new commercial


The DeLorean is back!

This time, the storied car company has returned with a mysterious new commercial to advertise its iconic DMC-12.

Called the "Lucky Coin," the ad depicts a man who comes across a DeLorean in the middle of the desert.

The car welcomes the man by opening up its gullwing door.

The man hops jump into the driver's seat and sets off with as much urgency as the car's disco-era Peugeot-Renault-Volvo V6 engine will allow.


(No juicy V8 action here)

Many pretty shots are shown of the stainless steel 1980s movie icon carving up canyon roads at a leisurely pace.

Eventually, the DMC-12 pulls over, the enigmatic driver gets out of the car and walks over to a roadside ravine. He gazes at a coin in his hand before throwing it into the distance.

The commercial is bookended by lines from a poem performed by poet Ben Burke at a TED talk.

"I've lived as slowly as I could, because there's no time to waste."


Overall, it's an interesting and attention-grabbing promo - but it's virtually impossible to top the car's previous three ads - you may remember them as "Back to the Future I, II, and III."

Last month, the DeLorean Motor Company announced that an updated version of its iconic DMC-12 will return to production more than 30 years after the car's original Belfast, North Ireland factory shut down.

The small Humble, Texas-based company indicated that it will build roughly 300 cars over the next few years. The current DeLorean Motor Company was created during the 1990s and acquired the original DeLorean Motor's parts inventory following its 1982 bankruptcy.

You can watch the commercial here:

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