Artist creates cartoon sticker tattoos

  • Luke Cormier is a tattoo artist in Nova Scotia.
  • He creates tattoos that look like stickers of famous cartoon characters.
  • He starts with the line work, adds color, and then shades the whole tattoo to make it look 3D.

The following is a transcript of the video.



Narrator: This artist creates cartoon sticker tattoos. Luke Cormier is a tattoo artist in Nova Scotia. Each design starts with a drawing on his iPad. He likes tattooing popular cartoon characters. He applies a stencil of the design onto the client. This helps him when he tattoos the outline and applies the background shading. Then he fills the design with color. He can use 20 to 40 colors per tattoo. He uses realism tattooing techniques to make the designs look real. The key is shading the outline of the design with white to create a 3D effect.