Did you know these 7 ways to use your smartphones more smartly!

Did you know these 7 ways to use your smartphones more smartly!
When was the last time you cursed your smartphone just because it was slow? Like, last night? You are that customer whom Tata Docomo’s Giga Geek programme is targeted at. The irony is we all consist of that customer base for who knows everything about their smartphones!

Inspired from Japan’s initiative, Tata Docomo’s Giga Geek programme educates a customer about the best practices of their smartphones. Launched at 650 odd stores and planning to cover the rest of their 1000 stores next month, they have touch base over 5 lakh consumers (Tata Docomo and non Tata Docomo) through this initiative, during the last six months.

So, what makes your smartphones really smart? Sandeep Singal, Branded Retail and Alternate Channels head, Tata Teleservices Ltd. tells you about it.

Battery management

Our GPS is on all the time, even when it is not needed. So if you turn it off, battery will run 20 per cent more.

When our Wi-fi is on, the phone constantly searches for wi-fi and that consumes more battery.

If notifications come in real-time all the time, through an app, the phone is on the network throughout that time which strains the battery.

Configure your email to refresh every half an hour. If it is checking every minute with back end server of Gmail, Yahoo et al, it is forcing the phone to do far more work than is required.

Data management

The moment a new consumer comes onto the network, he immediately gets hit by the cost of the network. That data is expensive. Instead of using pay-as-you-go, buy a data pack according to what your need is.

Decrease junk files

We click pictures, receive videos, it all get stored in our phone. If you are not clearing your phone’s memory, it is bound to become slow. The best solution is to transfer it to NSD card; hence your RAM is free which saves a lot of battery.

Use of features

About 90 per cent don’t know how to create a wi-fi hotspot. Not everyday we carry a dongle or not everyone has it. But most of us have a smartphone. We just need to know how to create a hotspot and it makes our task a lot easier.

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