Diwali Bonanza: Flipkart just made shopping on-the-go infinitely easier for its customers

India’s online marketplace, Flipkart, has brought its mobile website back to life, which has invariably made downloading its mobile application an option.

The e-tailer had ditched its mobile website for a mobile-only application.

"The web application we are launching will give you a native experience without having to download the app," said Piyush Ranjan, CTO and head of engineering at Flipkart.


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Reportedly, there are around 70 million mobile-only users than those on the desktop at 60 million and around 55 million are on both.

Flipkart is claiming that this is first such offering globally with which it aims to attract more consumers. The company has 50 million registered users.


The homepage of the mobile website is like a Google homepage.

"We started by saying how can we give the exact experience as an app in the mobile web. We took a list of things to Chrome and said can you support this behaviour. They went and modified Chrome and we launched a new mobile website on top of it," said Ranjan, a former Google executive.

This will save consumers another effort, which is updating the app.


“This is going to be an open web standard such that all the mobile web applications will soon rival native applications," said Ranjan.