Don’t Want To Lose Your Valentine? Stay Away From These Gifts

Valentine’s Day is all about making your loved one feel special, pampered and on the top of the world. But in our attempt to impress the significant other, we often end up annoying them with gifts that turn out to be most unsuitable. As we inch closer to the big day of love, here’s a list of gifts that should be avoided at any cost.

For Her
1. The clichéd roses
She’s a girl and it is Valentine’s Day, but is that enough to conclude that she would love that beautiful bouquet of roses that you have bought for her? Break away from the V-Day cliché this time.

2. Assorted chocolates
You better believe this! You have bought the most exotic assortment of chocolates but she will only have her favourite ones out of those. Chances are she’ll pass the rest to her kid cousins and worry a little. After all, you still don’t know much about what she likes (and the same goes for flowers). Instead of buying every possible flavour and hoping they will be a hit, just invest some time and find out what’s her favourite. A few hand-written lines on the gift card will also make her feel special.

3. Anything in a ring box
All of us know that Valentine’s Day is the most suitable time to pop the question. So don’t even dare to pack anything, including jewellery, in a ring box if it is not the ring and you are not proposing to her. Raising false hopes is not the way to go. But if you are going to propose, make sure that you don’t startle your not-yet-ready-babe. It’s better to ask for her consent first. Either way, you should keep off that tiny jewellery box.

4. Racy lingerie
It looks like a perfect and the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift that shouts intimacy. Yes, read that last word carefully – it says ‘intimacy.’ Unless you share that level of intimacy and know her style and preference, don’t step into that territory. On the other hand, if you are trying to tell her subtly that she is not that ‘hot’ and should be wearing that piece of clothing to look attractive, just drop that idea.

5. Anything that says ‘fat’
Be it a gym membership, clothes that don’t fit or a fitness gadget, it should never be there in your Valentine’s Day gift list. Clothes that are too tight tell her she is overweight; but if they are too loose, it’s obvious that you think she is fat. Gym membership also shouts fat and so do the gadgets. So stay away from those.

For Him
1. Tie
It is as obvious as the roses unless it has been designed by a celebrated designer (but chances are the guy still won’t care).

2. Roses IN OFFICE

You love the feel of those velvety petals and will be on cloud nine if someone surprises you with a big bouquet of red roses when you are in office. But doing the same to a man when he is at work is downright embarrassing.

3. Cologne and perfume
Just like lingerie, the choice of perfume varies from person to person. So it will be a bit difficult to figure out what smells good to him. Therefore, don’t expect him to wear what you have bought for him. In case you have absolutely set your heart on buying your man a good perfume, play it safe and get one that he has been using.

4. Deodorant could be the worst gift

Gift your man a deo only when you want to tell him that he stinks and you just can’t bear the smell. But consider this an end to your relationship.

Image: Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images