Drake appeared to call the Warriors 'trash' during argument with Draymond Green after the Raptors' big Game 1 win in the Finals

Drake appeared to call the Warriors 'trash' during argument with Draymond Green after the Raptors' big Game 1 win in the Finals

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Drake continued his merciless trolling of the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night after the Raptors took Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

  • Raptors superfan Drake is working to make his presence known at the NBA Finals.
  • After Toronto beat the Warriors in Game 1, Drake got in the ear of Draymond Green, appearing to call him and his teammates "trash."
  • Green refused to talk about the confrontation at his post-game press conference.
  • Drake has been an active troll throughout the NBA postseason so far, even getting a warning from the league to keep his antics in line.
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Raptors superfan Drake made sure he was heard throughout Toronto's Game 1 win over the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals on Thursday night.

Sitting in his usual courtside seats, Drake began his trolling early, wearing the jersey of Warriors superstar Stephen Curry's father Dell, who finished his career with the Raptors.

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Drake continued his antics throughout the game, and could regularly be spotted in the arena and on television cheering loudly, getting the crowd involved, and on occasion, chirping in the ears of the visiting Warriors players.


But Drake's boldest moment of the night came, unsurprisingly, after the Raptors had finally won. Once the final buzzer sounded, Drake could be seen getting into something of a heated verbal altercation with Draymond Green, with Curry looking on closely.

While it's impossible to be sure what exactly was said, even novice lip-readers could extrapolate that Drake had called the Warriors "trash" straight to Green's face.

After the game, Green was asked about the interaction, and did not seem keen on discussing the matter, refusing a reporter's framing of the altercation as a "scuffle."

Drake had to be warned about his active presence on the Raptors sideline ahead of the NBA Finals, especially after he put his hands on Raptors head coach Nick Nurse in the middle of a game, massaging his shoulders in celebration.

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Despite the warning he was given, it's clear that Drake doesn't plan on stopping his trolling any time soon, and if he believes his antics can help get into the heads of the Warriors, watch out for him to double-down on his comments.

One easy way Golden State can shut Drake up is to win Game 2 in Toronto on Sunday.

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