Class 12 students waiting with bated breath for the final verdict on board exams

Class 12 students waiting with bated breath for the final verdict on board exams
All class 12 students under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) — along with their teachers and parents — are waiting, with their fingers crossed, for the Education Minister to announce the final verdict on the status of the board exams. These were earlier postponed by the Central Government. Amid rising COVID-19 cases in the country, the education ministry and state education secretaries held a meeting, on Monday, to discuss the matter. However, no announcements were made regarding the board exams.

Parents are actively protesting against conducting the exams as it is not safe due to the alarming pandemic situation in the country. A plea has also been filed in the Supreme Court seeking cancellation of Class 12 board exams.

Business Insider spoke to a few students and parents regarding the matter. Students seem to be battling mental stress and anxiety, and parents are constantly worried as the board decides their children’s future.

“It’s difficult to concentrate as we’re not able to strategise our time. We’re prepping for entrance exams also, not just board exams,” said a class 12 student from Delhi. Several students go abroad for higher education and this can directly affect their college admission processes. Entrance exams like JEE Advanced, Mains are also lined up and waiting for the final call of the board.

The pressure of board exams and entrance exams is affecting the mental health of some students. “He’s often stressed out, as he is under a lot of pressure. We’re worried about his health and future,” one of the parents, based in Mumbai, told Business Insider.

“Students in class 12 have been studying in the same class for over 1.5 years now, it's high time that the government gives them attention and makes a decision immediately without any further delay,” said the parent, quoted above, from Delhi. The delay in decision making is not only affecting the mental health of the children but also wasting an entire year leading to delayed college admission process, thus, hampering the whole education system across the country.


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