Elon Musk is selling a boring black hat for $20 - and people are eating it up

elon musk boring company hat

Business Insider/Dave Smith

Elon Musk can officially sell anything - including a simple ball cap for a very nascent venture.

Musk is selling a Boring Company hat for $20; it's the first official swag item from the billionaire's new tunneling company.

The ultimate goal of the Boring Company is to build an underground tunnel network that can support cars or a Hyperloop, but currently it's digging a test tunnel in the SpaceX parking lot.
Perhaps Musk is looking to get the word out with the $20 black hat that features the company's logo. (The company is offering free shipping, so that's always a nice perk.)

Although the company isn't as recognized as SpaceX or Tesla, the other companies Musk leads, it has generated a serious amount of interest. Musk said there have already been 6,400 orders for the hat in just two days of availability.

You can purchase it here.

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