Elon Musk Reveals His Most Important Daily Habit


Elon Muskjdlasica / flickrElon Musk.


When you study the daily habits of highly successful people, you learn something about how they work - knowing that Ernest Hemingway wrote while standing on an animal skin tells you something about his mindset.  

When billionaire and serial entrepreneur Elon Musk did a Reddit AMA on Monday night, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO was asked about his daily routine. 

User TCEchicago posed the following question to Musk

What daily habit do you believe has the largest positive impact on your life?


Musk's reply was hilarious and practical


It's hard to argue with that. 

Not only do we tend to get our best ideas in the shower, but daily bathing is necessary for being taken seriously in most Western countries, especially the US. 

As Ask Alice advised


Bathing or showering is a personal choice with social and cultural influences. People from different countries or cultures may hold different views on personal hygiene and body aroma, none of which are right or wrong, only different. For example, Americans are smell-conscious and cleanliness-oriented ("cleanliness is next to godliness"). 

So if you're trying to transform the auto industry and colonize Mars while living in America, it's safe to say that a daily shower is crucial.