Employees From The Biggest Tech Companies In Silicon Valley Have Formed An A Capella League

TechapellaYoutube.com/bluehippofilmsFacebook's The Vocal Network A capella group performs at the second annual Techapella Holiday Concert

Silicon Valley techies have gotten so into A capella they've started their own league, reports Matt Haber at Fast Company.

The league is called "Techapella," and last week choirs of employees from Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and Twitter gathered together in Google's Spear Street office for the group's second annual holiday concert.

Techapella was founded by Aaron Roan, a 32-year old analyst at Google and he and his co-MC Laolee Xiong, a Facebook training program manager, hosted the evening of performances.
Throughout the night teams such as Twitter's aptly named "Songbirds" and Facebook's "The Vocal Network" belted out hits including Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and Sara Bareilles's "Many the Miles."

When the Dropbox team performs that Sara Bareilles song internally, they change the name to "Many the Files," an employee explained to Fast Company.  


Dropbox isn't the only group that hosts performances internally at their parent company. Xiong says her group at Facebook recently serenaded Sheryl Sandberg for her birthday at the companies HQ.  

"It's a really nice release," Alexandra Feldman, a Dropbox employee said. "It's completely different from everything else I do in my life. It makes work feel more like college."  The night ended with a mass performance of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off."

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