Employees in this Indian city work longer than anyone else in the world: Report

Employees in this Indian city work longer than anyone else in the world: Report
  • Mumbai on an average clocks 3315 hrs annually.
  • It would take a Mumbai employee 900 hrs of work to buy an iPhone X or make around ₹ 100,000.
  • New Delhi is also among the cities that works the longest.

Mumbai, the most populous city of India, is the most hard working in the world. And that’s according to a study by UBS, a Swiss investment bank. The UBS report states that the city works for an average of 3,315 hours annually. That’s more than the rest of the world.

UBS, as a part of its 2018 Price and Earning report, surveyed and assessed 77 cities around the world and collected over 75,000 data points over a span of four months between January and April 2018. The survey covered a number of parameters including average annual working hours.

The report published findings across a number of indicators such as earning levels, purchasing power and price levels said that employees from Mumbai (India), Hanoi (Vietnam), Mexico City (Mexico), New Delhi (India) and Bogota (Colombia) work the most number of hours in a year. On the other hand, employees from cities like Paris (France), Rome (Italy) and Lagos (Nigeria) worked the least.

People working in Mumbai also took the least number of holidays according to the report. The number of holidays taken on an average for the city stood at 10, and that is understandable keeping the long work hours in mind. Los Angeles, Beijing, Hanoi and Lagos were also on the list of the shortest vacations taken. Riyadh topped the list of most vacations taken with 37 holidays a year.

Do the long hours put in pay off?

The number of hours an employee needs to work to afford an iPhone X (or make roughly around ₹ 100,000) was 900 hours in Mumbai and 800 in Delhi. Cairo (Egypt) is the only city where employees need to work more than 1,000 hrs to make the same kind of money.

Employees in the cities of Zurich, Geneva, Los Angeles, Miami and Nicosia are better off as they can rake in that kind of money by working less than 100 hours.

The report which traditionally compares the time an employee needs to work in a city in order to buy a Big Mac burger, also included stats of hours that needed to be worked in order to afford an iPhone X this year. The iPhone X is currently selling for about ₹ 99,000 for the top model in India.