Shah Rukh Khan is still the reigning star of Bollywood with no else on the horizon to claim the throne

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan during the release of special postal cover of Bandra Railway Station, in Mumbai.Photo)(
Shah Rukh Khan made India fall in love with the name of Raj, as branded it as that of an eternal lover. He led a rural revolution with Swades, and also old us that 70 minutes is really enough to achieve our dreams.

The official “Badshah” of Bollywood recently appeared on David Letterman’s show — My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman with Shah Rukh Khan — swamping the American with his witty answers and dimpled smiles. It might have been surprising for Americans to see the crowd outside his home but it’s ‘normal’ scenario for Indians.

SRK has been ruling over Bollywood for 31 years now. He has acted in 80 films, earned 14 Filmfare awards, and won millions of hearts.


Here are some of things Indians love about SRK:

Khan is still the King of Bollywood

With three back-to-back flop films, Shah Rukh Khan’s career started going down the hill. His last film Zero tanked terribly at the box office. His other film Fan made miss his trademark charm.

But Bollywood has only one Badshah and that’s SRK. Simply because no other actor in the film industry has the same aura — even the numbers say so. As many as 38.9 million people follow him on Twitter.

According to Forbes, “He is most assuredly still the pharaoh of film, the monarch of the multiplex, the sultan of the silver screen.”

India’s Raj connection

Many a times people remember actors by their on-screen name. So was the case with Shah Rukh Khan. The Bollywood Superstar played Raj or Rahul 15 times on screen. His famous dialogue Rahul, naam toh suna hi hoga has made girls go crazy over him.


The film that changed the way India romanced

For every 90s kid, SRK’s Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ) was the idea of romance.

It is the longest running film in India at Mumbai’s Martha Mandir. The movie also garnered international acclamation after the Switzerland played homage to Shah Rukh Khan by making the Zurich railway station a tourist hotspot. Till today, people go and click pictures with the poster of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol.

The film industry used to picture romance using flowers and that changed with DDLJ, said SRK on David Letterman’s show.

SRK’s signature move

Like Hollywood’s dip and kiss move, Shah Rukh has a trademark romance act — spreading his arms wide with a beckoning smile. This signature move is more famous than any other dance move in India. It first appeared in the movie Deewana (1992). During a song in the movie, Khan appears singing playfully asking for someone to love him and throwing his arms wide open while stunting on a moving vehicle.