Ben Affleck and Laurene Powell-Jobs were seen getting dinner together at a Los Angeles restaurant

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Ben Affleck and Laurene Powell-Jobs reportedly dined together Tuesday night for nearly three hours at a Los Angeles restaurant.

The Daily Mail reported Wednesday on the dinner between the well-known actor, 47, and the 55-year-old Powell-Jobs. The publication first reported Affleck having dinner with a "mystery blonde," but many were quick to chime in on social media that the woman is indeed the wife to the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs.Advertisement

The two reportedly got dinner at Giorgio Baldi, a high-end Italian restaurant located in Santa Monica, California. The pair spent nearly three hours at the restaurant, and arrived and left separately, according to the Daily Mail.

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It's unclear how exactly the two are connected, but both Affleck and Powell-Jobs are active in philanthropic work, so the dinner could have been business related. Powell-Jobs, who heads up the nonprofit Emerson Collective, is listed as an investor in Affleck's Eastern Congo Initiative, an organization dedicated to helping the people of eastern Congo in Africa.