Blac Chyna's lawsuit against the Kardashians is off to a rollicking start; opening statements to start Tuesday

Blac Chyna's lawsuit against the Kardashians is off to a rollicking start; opening statements to start Tuesday
Kris Jenner stands with, from left, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian at the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment event in 2015. The family is being sued by Rob Kardashian's former fiancee, Blac ChynaEvan Agostini/AP
  • Opening statements begin Tuesday with Blac Chyna, two Kardashians (Kim and Khloe) and two Jenners (Kris and Kylie) in attendance.
  • Chyna says the family ruined her career by cancelling "Rob & Chyna," co-staring her ex-fiancee Rob Kardashian, who was notably absent from court.

Opening statements are set to start Tuesday for model and influencer Blac Chyna, who has taken a crowd of Kardashians to court in LA, claiming they ruined her career by cancelling her 2016 spinoff series, "Rob & Chyna."

It's Day 2 in the trial, but already, things are off to a rollicking start.

Tuesday began with Chyna's mother, Tokyo Toni, getting barred from the courtroom, after the judge disapproved of an Instagram Live that Toni had posted overnight, reported.

Toni had said in the post that all of the Kardashian women "looked scary" up close. "They look like they dead," she told the camera, while rolling a very large cigarette of some sort.

Family matriarch Kris Jenner, in particular, was singled out in Toni's post as "old and decrepit," just like "the little man on the tricycle" in the horror movie series "Saw."


"You alright, bitch?" Chyna's mom asked the Kardashians' mom in the Instagram post. "Did you have some Xanax or something before you got there, bitch?"

The post caused Jenner "to fear for her physical safety," Kardashian family attorney Michael Rhodes complained in court.

After barring Chyna's mom from the courtroom, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory W. Alarcon continued with jury selection.

Blac Chyna's lawsuit against the Kardashians is off to a rollicking start; opening statements to start Tuesday
Blac Chyna arrives at the Oscars on Feb. 9, 2020 in Los Angeles.Richard Shotwell/AP)

There'd been still more drama on the first day of the trial, Monday, when prospective jurors were asked if they had heard of the famous family.

One male prospect declared, "I have watched [Kim] Kardashian's sex tape, and I don't think I can be impartial on this case."


From their seats in the front row, the Kardashians responded to the resulting roars of laughter with a reality series-worthy moment of family unity.

Kim, 41, looked straight ahead, stoicly, PageSix reported. Khloe, 37, stroked her sister's hair. Kris Jenner, 66, shook her head in apparant disapproval.

Meanwhile, the prospective juror had not finished making his point. He told the judge again, to be perfectly clear, that he would find it difficult to be on the jury, because he would be "replaying that sex tape over and over again" in his head.

All of the Kardashian women are expected to testify at trial, The Associated Press reported.

Chyna, 33, is suing the family, alleging they defamed her and cost her money by driving her out of reality television after she split from Rob Kardashian, the only male sibling in the family.


Chyna alleged in her lawsuit–which seeks $108 million in economic damages from the Kardashians–that when she left Rob Kardashian in 2016, he emotionally and physically abused her, and that the family partook in the character assassination in various ways.

At the core of the 2017 lawsuit is an overlapping incident and Blac Chyna's 2017 domestic abuse restraining order case against Rob Kardashian.

Chyna was granted the order after having alleged that Rob Kardashian physically abused her in front of their daughter, Dream, accusing him of later engaging in a viral social media "slut-shaming" tirade in July 2017. Several text messages, including ones where Rob Kardashian threatened to kill himself if Blac Chyna did not respond, were included in the lawsuit by her attorneys.

Chyna said that Rob Kardashian's lewd posts on social media, which included nude "revenge porn" photos that Chyna said she did not consent to posting, were part of an effort to defame her and illegally destroy her business opportunities once she was no longer associated with the Kardashian family.

In the lawsuit, Chyna also alleges that Rob's behavior after the breakup and the Kardashian family's influence led to the cancellation of the second season of "Rob & Chyna," a spinoff to "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". Chyna's lawyers alleged in the lawsuit that plans were in motion for a second season focused on the couple's co-parenting efforts, but that the family used their business relationship with the E! Network to call off the show.


The Kardashians have denied the allegations in the lawsuit, also filing a countersuit alleging that Chyna attacked Rob during their relationship and said that they were concerned about Rob Kardashian's safety while he dated Chyna, according to the Associated Press.

A separate trial will be held in Chyna's related claims against Rob Kardashian.