Batting for love: Dating platform Bumble reveals how cricket impacts dating in India

Mar 24, 2023

By: Srishti Magan

​From IPL to ILY

IPL 2023 is right around the corner and so is love. At least that’s what dating platform Bumble’s latest study reveals. Bumble evaluated how India’s favourite sport, cricket, impacts dating in the country and the results will leave you stumped!

Credit: BCCL

​Displaying a love for cricket​

As per Bumble, ‘cricket’ was one of the top five displayed Sports Interest Badges on Indian profiles on the platform in February. Bumble also revealed that 89 percent of surveyed Indians are excited to watch Indian women's cricket in 2023.

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​Playing the field

75 percent of Indians actively look for a romantic partner with an interest in sports. In fact, for 56 percent men and 53 percent women, a lack of interest in cricket is a deal breaker.

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​Fielding red flags

As per 78 percent of surveyed Indians, cricket matches make for great dates. 63 percent also believe that cricket dates enable them to know someone’s personality– how someone reacts to a win or a loss, etc.

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​Conflict of interest​

For 44 percent of Indians who’ve been in a dating situation where one liked cricket and the other didn’t, the one who didn’t like cricket compromised and the couple watched the match together. But 41 percent of Indians surveyed said they spent lots of time apart.

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​When it’s an out

In the case of 22 percent of Indians who’ve been in a dating situation where one liked cricket and the other didn’t, the conflicting interest ended their relationship.

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​No love lost for mansplaining​

Bumble’s new study also revealed that 71 percent of female respondents were mansplained about cricket in social situations. Mansplaining is when men provide a patronizing explanation, typically to a woman, on a topic they presume is unfamiliar to women.

Credit: Know-your-meme

​Mansplaining is harmful

Samarpita Samaddar, India communications director, Bumble said “Mansplaining in sports reflects on everyday sexism and gender biases and is often overlooked. No matter the intention behind it, it is harmful.”

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