Russo Bros wary of returning to theatres amid COVID-19

Los Angeles, Jul 2 () Theatres may be set to reopen across the US this month, but "Avengers: Endgame" director duo Anthony and Joe Russo are unsure about heading to the cinema halls in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The brothers, best known for co-directing several Marvel Cinematic Universe films, said being with an audience of hundreds in close proximity at a time when the COVID-19 virus is far from gone from the world will put people at "risk".

Asked whether he would feel comfortable returning to a movie theatre, Anthony Russo told FOX 5 DC's Kevin McCarthy, "It's a very personal question and it depends on people's individual circumstances, but unfortunately I don't see myself getting into a theatre in the foreseeable future."

He said as much as he was "desperate for the theatrical experience" like any other cinema goer but what's more important was "where are you going to put the risk?" Advertisement

"I think there are more immediate places to put the risk in terms of human connection than a theatre full of strangers, unfortunately," Anthony Russo added.

Echoing similar sentiment, Joe Russo said being in an enclosed space, like a cinema hall, "is a high-risk situation".

"There's the question of where we want that to happen, which we do, but whether that's practical and safe and whether we can recommend it, which I don't think we could," he added.

Russell Crowe-starrer "Unhinged", which is slated to be released on July 10, will be the first feature to be released after the cinema halls reopen. RDS RB RB