'Schitt's Creek' star Annie Murphy says she once licked Chris Martin's sweat at a Coldplay concert

'Schitt's Creek' star Annie Murphy says she once licked Chris Martin's sweat at a Coldplay concert
Annie Murphy spoke about her experience at a Coldplay concert during a visit to "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."NBC/Getty Images; Santiago Bluguermann/Getty Images
  • Annie Murphy played a round of "True Confessions" on Wednesday's episode of "The Tonight Show."
  • The actress said she licked Chris Martin's sweat off her hand at a Coldplay concert 10 years ago.
  • Murphy joked that her friends looked at her with a mix of "pride and disgust."

Annie Murphy once licked Coldplay frontman Chris Martin's sweat off her hand, the Canadian actress admitted on Wednesday's episode of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

During a round of "True Confessions" against Seth Meyers, the 34-year-old "Schitt's Creek" star explained that she had third-row seats to Martin's show roughly a decade ago, in what she designated the "pre-celebrity" era of her life.

After rattling off some of her favorite Coldplay tracks ("Fix You," "The Scientist," and "Yellow") in order to convince Meyers and Fallon that she's actually a fan of the band, Murphy recalled that she'd grabbed the British singer's hand while he was at ground-level during the concert.

"It was a lurch," she specified.

'Schitt's Creek' star Annie Murphy says she once licked Chris Martin's sweat at a Coldplay concert
Murphy walked the red carpet at the 2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards.Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Fallon asked, "He pulled away, and you had his sweat in your hand. Your immediate reaction was to lick it off?"


"Yes," Murphy responded.

Murphy joked that she was concerned security would force her to remove the sweat before she was "able to ingest it."

"This needs to be in me now," she said, impersonating her younger self.

Murphy's friends, also at the concert, reacted to her swift decision with both "pride and disgust," leading Meyers to suggest they may have been disappointed the actress didn't "save any licks for them."

"That may be why we don't speak anymore," Murphy quipped, later adding, "I didn't plan it. It was just a voice in my head that was like, 'You need to do it.' And I did it. I love Coldplay as much as the rest of us."


Meyers replied, "You like them a little bit more."

The Ottawa-born actress got her big break as bubbly fashionista Alexis Rose on the sitcom "Schitt's Creek," appearing on all six seasons of the show from 2015 to 2020. Her performance earned her an Emmy Award in 2020 for outstanding actress in a comedy series.

She's embracing a much different role on her new project, AMC's satirical dark comedy "Kevin Can F--- Himself," playing a disgruntled housewife named Allison McRoberts.

"It was really important to prove to myself that I could do something different," Murphy previously told People. "This character was the most beautiful 180 from Alexis. She is very angry, frustrated, sad, and unfashionable. It just checked all the boxes for me and what I was looking for next."

The first two episodes of "Kevin Can F--- Himself" are currently available to watch on streaming service AMC+.