The best places to buy women's jeans

The best places to buy women's jeans
  • A great pair of jeans is a staple every woman should have in her wardrobe.
  • Our favorite place to buy women's jeans is Everlane because the denim fits well, is affordable, and is made transparently.

If there's an equivalent in your closet to, say, butter in your refrigerator, it must be your favorite pair of jeans. Is there a food that butter does not improve? No. Is there an outfit that a good pair of jeans does not make better? Absolutely not. Is butter a necessary part of life? Yes. Do you need jeans to get through society? Surely. You see, the parallels are uncanny.

While there exists no shortage of stores from which to purchase your new favorite bottoms, there are a few places that we turn to without fail for a great pair of long-lasting, comfortable, and good-looking jeans. And that's because they satisfy a few key criteria. First and foremost, you'll want your jeans to be incomparably comfortable. After all, I practically live in my favorite pair, and that's only the case because wearing them and wearing leggings are about equal when it comes to mobility and stretchability (though leggings, are not, in fact pants).
Second, you'll want to think about your favorite cut. The boot cut, believe it or not, appears to be making a comeback, though other classics like the straight cut or skinny cut are also great options. Be sure that your favorite jean purveyor offers more than just one jean varietal - after all, you'll need different jeans for different occasions.

Of course, you should also keep price point in mind. While a great pair of jeans will last you for years on end (and as such, can justify a high price tag), it simply is not the case that buying a great pair of pants requires you to pay an arm and two legs.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you'll want to pay attention to the type and quality of denim used in your jeans. Given that the fabric can make or break your pants, this is certainly no place to skimp. Be sure that your favorite jean purveyor sources its denim from top of the line suppliers, and know how to take care of this durable material. After all, the longer you own your jeans, the better they look.

No matter which of our favorite stores you choose for your next shopping spree, we're sure you won't be disappointed.

Here are the best places you can buy women's jeans:

  • Best place to buy women's jeans overall: Everlane
  • Best place to buy comfortable jeans: Mott & Bow
  • Best place to buy plus-size jeans: Warp + Weft
  • Best place to buy petite jeans: Madewell
  • Best place to buy high-end jeans: Rag & Bone
  • Best place to buy skinny jeans: Liverpool
  • Best place to buy performance jeans: DUER

Updated on 11/13/2019 by Remi Rosmarin: Updated prices, formatting, and links. Added Madewell and Rag & Bone as new picks. We also added other brands we love for your consideration.

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The best place to buy women's jeans overall

The best place to buy women's jeans overall
Somehow, Everlane's wide selection of jeans looks great on just about everyone. Coupled with the brand's radical transparency and affordable prices, Everlane denim is a hit.

Perhaps the reason that Everlane jeans look so good on so many women is that it incorporate elastane into its fabric. That means that your jeans are just stretchy enough to ensure that you're always comfortable, and always look your best.

Everlane's defining trait has always been its transparency, and it prides itself on informing customers exactly where its products are made and how much it costs to make them. When Everlane first started making denim apparel back in 2017, it managed to attract a waitlist that was 40,000 people long. And now, nearly two years later, its jeans are still just as popular. Like Warp + Weft, Everlane ensures that its LEED-certified factory in Vietnam recycles 98% of its water. The plant also uses alternative energy sources to further reduce its carbon footprint.

When it comes to Everlane's styles, I'm a big fan of both the High-Rise Skinny Jean and the Kick Crop Jean. As a petite person, I'm always a bit skeptical of "crops," which tend to look like, well, full-length jeans on my frame. But the Kick Crop Jean somehow works on a variety of different heights, which is a feat in and of itself.

The vast majority of Everlane jeans incorporate some amount of elastane in them for that trademark stretch. The Slim Fit has just 2 percent elastane, which is enough to notice the difference in feeling, but not enough to make your jeans lose their shape. You can always opt for other pairs with more or less elastane depending on just how stretchy you'd like your jeans to fit.

Pros: Affordable; stretchy (which makes them universally flattering); comfortable

Cons: Jeans with elastane tend not to last as long as 100 percent denim

Shop premium women's denim from Everlane

The best place to buy comfortable jeans

The best place to buy comfortable jeans
Mott & Bow makes some of the most comfortable jeans around, and with just a few styles to choose from, you won't be paralyzed by choice.

If you're looking for jeans that you can literally live in, you're looking right at Mott & Bow. The brand's founder, Alejandro Chahin, was born and raised in the denim business, and the Honduran denim factory from which Mott & Bow gets its fabric is the same factory that his family founded. That means that this denim is time tested and truly some of the most comfortable material out there — so much so that I'm sometimes sad to replace my jeans with my PJs at the end of the day.

This is a sentiment shared by other folks at Business Insider as well. Our senior director, Breton Fischetti, once wore them on a six-hour flight as an alternative to sweatpants.

I'm also a particular fan of Mott & Bow for its straightforward approach to jean styles. Unlike other brands, which run the risk of overwhelming you with the sheer volume of jean options, Mott & Bow only has three offerings from which to choose: straight, slim, and skinny. And for you jean purists out there, you won't have to worry about distressed looks or odd paint splatters that are meant to make you look handier than you are. Rather, Mott & Bow jeans are simple, sleek, and classic.

Folks are also particularly taken by Mott & Bow's free try and return service, which is exactly what it sounds like: pick a pair of jeans, get them sent to your doorstep to try them on, and if you don't like them, just send them back. It's like turning your own home into your dressing room. And if you need any additional help, you can always turn to Mott & Bow's phenomenal customer service reps.

Pros: Straightforward styles; incredibly comfortable fit; high-quality material; great customer service

Cons: If you're looking for more variety in your jeans, Mott & Bow may be too to-the-point

Shop premium denim at Mott & Bow here

The best place to buy women's plus-size jeans

The best place to buy women's plus-size jeans
Warp + Weft makes some of the most comfortable jeans I own, and with several beautiful styles, even more beautiful washes, and sizes ranging from 00 to 24, they're a great place to turn when replenishing your jean supply.

You may not have heard of Warp + Weft yet, but believe me, you'll be hearing of them for years to come. The brand comes from the creative director of DL1961, and it's quickly made its way into my heart and closet. Aside from killer looks, Warp + Weft also boasts eco-friendly production methods, soft and comfortable fit, and inclusive sizing.

And when we say eco-friendly production, we mean it. Alas, most jeans are not particularly kind to the earth, as a traditional pair of jeans actually requires 1,500 gallons of water to produce. Warp + Weft, on the other hand, has somehow slimmed down its production to require just 10 gallons of water per pair, and recycles 98 percent of that water.

The jeans that come out of this process are some of the softest I've ever worn. For years, I decried jeans, determining that they were far too stiff and immobile for me to live my best life. But Warp + Weft has changed my mentality altogether. It seems to be thanks to a proprietary cotton wrapping technique, which makes all four of the company's core fabrics extremely soft and surprisingly breathable. Despite this level of comfort, they still look structured and sleek, and no matter how many times I've run them through the wash, I haven't made them look like jeggings instead of jeans.

When it comes to variety in selection, Warp + Weft has more than enough to go around — whether you're looking for a relaxed straight jean or a pastel boot cut, you're in luck. And with sizes ranging from 00 to 24, just about anyone can find a great fit here. Plus, the brand sells both women's and men's styles (and kid's too!), so you and your entire family can go out on the town in matching jeans (if you're into that sort of thing). I also love the different washes that Warp + Weft offers, particularly the Seine — it's a dark blue that looks effortless and timeless, and would be just as appropriate for work as the weekend.

Somehow, everything still costs under $100, with most jeans priced at $98, and outlet deals cost even less.

Pros: Inclusive sizing (00 to 24), incredibly soft denim, wide selection of styles and washes, affordable price point

Cons: If you prefer a more traditional raw denim feel, the softness of Warp + Weft may be a bit much

Shop Warp + Weft jeans for women

Best place to buy petite jeans

Best place to buy petite jeans
Madewell has a large selection of stylish and simple jeans that work particularly well for petite women.

Shopping for denim can be difficult if you're petite. Standard inseams may be too long, but tailoring can be inconvenient and expensive. Finding great petite jeans that already fit you just right is a much better solution, and you can do that at Madewell.

Madewell has a large selection of denim and almost all pairs come in regular, tall, and petite options. From skinnies to wide-legs and boyfriend pairs, Madewell has it all. And, because they offer a range of inseams, you can confidently try styles that you normally wouldn't go for.

Many women on the Insider Picks team swear by the brand's Cali Demi-Boot, a kick-flare option that's fitted through the leg with a little extra volume towards the bottom. Insider Picks strategy director Ellen Hoffman counts these as some of her favorite jeans. She says, "Madewell's demi-bootcut jeans are another winner for petite ladies like me. The regular version has a 26-inch inseam that perfectly suits my 5-foot-3 frame, but Madewell also offers tall and petite options."

Whether your style is eccentric or subdued, you're sure to find something you love in Madewell's extensive catalog. With dark washes, light ones, and even pairs covered in funky embroidery, Madewell makes it easy to find your perfect pair. — Remi Rosmarin

Pros: Regular, tall, and petite options, tons of styles and washes

Cons: Some pairs run large, prices vary by wash

Shop all denim at Madewell here

Best place to buy high-end jeans

Best place to buy high-end jeans
Rag & Bone jeans are pricey, but the denim is high-quality, and the styles are timeless and super flattering.

There are so many high-end denim brands to choose from, but when it comes to splurging on jeans Rag & Bone is my go-to. The quality is top-notch, the styles are classic and cool, and the fits are always flattering.

Most pairs of Rag & Bone jeans are made of non-stretch denim. This makes them relatively stiff, but not so much so that you feel like you can't move. The raw denim feel also makes the pants more durable than softer options and denim blends, which often require some extra attention.

Rag & Bone's breadth of styles has something for everyone. The brand has a large selection of options with everything from classic skinnies to of-the-moment flares and color-blocked pairs. There are constantly new styles making their way into the rotation, so there's always a trendy new pair to try out. But these stylish, durable jeans don't come cheap — most pairs will cost you around $200 or more.

Many women on the Insider Picks team count Rag & Bone jeans as their favorites, including myself. I've loved every pair I've tried from the brand. From the quality craftsmanship to the effortless styles, Rag & Bone jeans feel worth the hefty price tag. What stands out to me most though is the fit. There's an attention to detail that makes these some of the most flattering jeans I've ever put on. Jeans are ripped in the right places, fitted where you want them to be, and looser in the areas where you need some extra give, like around the waist. I'm constantly complimented on my Rag & Bone jeans. Insider Picks reporter Mara Leighton shares that sentiment. She says, "They're the only pants I am asked about every time I wear them — and they're the only pair I've liked enough to get tailored when they ripped instead of just trying something new".

If you're looking to splurge on a pair of jeans that'll last a lifetime in your wardrobe, Rag & Bone is a great option. — Remi Rosmarin

Pros: Flattering, raw denim feel, wide range of cool styles

Cons: Expensive, can run large

Shop premium denim at Rag & Bone here

The best place to buy skinny jeans

The best place to buy skinny jeans
Skinny jeans can feel like suffocating jeans, but somehow, Liverpool manages to make even the slimmest of cuts feel comfortable.

Skinny jeans may be closet staples, but then again, they also tend to be cruel reminders that beauty is pain. As it turns out, it doesn't have to be that way, especially not if Liverpool is in the mix. This relatively new brand is known for testing its jeans on a variety of body types, which means that they're truly made for everybody. And when it comes to its skinny styles, this cross-fitting practice makes for unbelievably comfortable jeans that don't veer into jegging territory.

Liverpool offers dozens of styles within its skinny category alone, many of which come in various shades and fabrics. But what unites them all is their almost unbelievable wearability. I love the Abby Skinny 4-Way Stretch Contour in the dark wash. Thanks to the four-way stretch, they leave you with enough leeway to actually move around.

If you fall in love with Liverpool (which, let's face it, you most likely will), you'll find that serving as a brand evangelist pays for itself. The company offers a pretty sweet referral program, which helps you earn and use points for discounts on future purchases. Moreover, Liverpool often runs pretty steep sales, which makes their sub-$100 jeans even more affordable.

Pros: Super comfortable and flattering skinny jeans, plenty of styles, extensive referral program

Cons: Some folks may be put off by the number of rhinestones and patterns available within Liverpool (but there are plenty of other options to choose from, too)

Shop premium denim at Liverpool here, also at Nordstrom

The best place to buy performance jeans

The best place to buy performance jeans
Jeans are meant to be the workhorse of pants, and DUER's jeans live up to that promise.

To find the intersection between form and function, head on over to DUER. The brand's slogan is "Denim for the Adventurous," and those are more than just words. Back in 2013, Gary Lennet (who previously spent 25 years making jeans for Levi's, Guess, and Lee) teamed up with Abid Hafeez, an expert in performance fabric with decades of experience to his own name. A little over a year later, the duo launched their first pair of jeans on Kickstarter, raising more than $50,000 and plenty of demand for their L2X Performance Denim. A year later, their second pair of jeans launched on the crowdfunding platform to the tune of $250,000. The rest, as they say, is history.

DUER sets itself apart through its Performance Denim, a supremely stretchable and lightweight fabric that is not only durable, but also moisture-wicking and anti-stink. That means that even after a long day of outdoor adventures, your jeans won't smell like they've been working hard.

Indeed, DUER jeans can be found at outdoor retailers like REI, and adventurous women and men alike have made the brand their go-to when it comes to buying jeans that can make an easy transition from the city to the country.

I love the brand's straight cuts, which somehow manage to hit the ankle at just the right length (which is perfect for tucking into hiking boots). The flexibility of the fabric also allows for maximum movement, which means that you're not only comfortable all day, but not restricted from potentially strenuous activity. Also comfortable are the brand's skinny jeans with a side slit — they're just breathable enough to withstand the sun on a summer's day, and fashion-forward enough to double as a pair of designer jeans.

Pros: Flexible fabric; durable and long-lasting; made for the outdoors

Cons: DUER jeans can get a little pricey, generally starting around $119

Shop premium performance denim at DUER here

What else we considered

What else we considered
  • Universal Standard: Universal Standard's denim ranges from size 00 to 40, with a well-curated selection of stylish, universally flattering options.
  • Agolde: Inspired by denim trends of the past, Agolde jeans balance vintage silhouettes with modern sustainable manufacturing practices. The durable denim won't bag out on you and comes in lots of cool styles.
  • DSTLD: Made in the same factories as high-end brands, DSTLD is able to sell premium denim at affordable prices by cutting out the middleman. You can get most of their quality pairs for less than $100.
  • Levi's: People have been relying on Levi's for durable denim for decades now, so you can be sure they're made to last. While the brand may be over 150 years old, you can find vintage and on-trend styles.