Ben Affleck Had A History Of Winning Big At The Hard Rock Casino Before Being Banned


Ben Affleck poker casino

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Affleck won the California State Poker Championship in 2004.

Ben Affleck was banned for life from the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas last week after security caught the actor allegedly counting cards while playing blackjack at a high rollers' table.


Card counting - a method of using probability to predict the next hand - is not technically illegal, but it can get a player barred.

But Affleck being "too good at the game," as casino security told him in this instance, isn't anything new.

Before starring in last year's crime thriller "Runner Runner" about an online gambling tycoon, Affleck made many visits to Vegas - often winning big.

According to the NY Post, he "had hit it big playing '21' at the very same casino, raking in a total of nearly $1 million in two trips."


The Post reported at the time that Affleck won $140,000 in a single sitting while playing with pal Matt Damon and "gave away every one of his $140,000 in chips to casino staffers on the 2000 trip - tipping his dealers, waitress and door boys as much as $5,000."

A year later, Affleck reportedly "won $800,000 while playing three simultaneous hands at $20,000 a pop."

Affleck also has a proclivity for Poker, in the past hosting games at a Beverly Hills cigar bar with A-list players like Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Tobey Maguire.

In 2004, Affleck - who is worth a reported $75 million - even won the California State Poker Championship and its $350,000 grand prize. It earned him a seat in the World Poker Tour final tournament, but he didn't take home any prize money.

"This is not likely the last time you'll see Ben Affleck at one of our final tables," a Commerce Casino State Poker Championship spokeswoman said at the time. "He has become a respected member of the poker elite and continues to work to improve his game."