The 11 most popular gaming YouTube stars - some of whom made over $10 million last year



  • Gaming videos are incredibly popular on YouTube, and some stars can make millions of dollars off of them.
  • We ranked the top gaming YouTube stars, who play games from "Minecraft" to "Call of Duty," based on how many subscribers they have.

Gamers rule YouTube.
Throughout the years, gamers have taken to the video site to upload their own commentary or play-throughs of games, building loyal fan bases in the process. Some of these gamers have reached insane levels of popularity, with millions of subscribers. And, in some cases, they are making millions of dollars as well.

Whether they focus on the world-building game "Minecraft" or shooters like "Call of Duty," YouTube gaming is an essential part of the website's culture, both for the viewers who spend many, many hours eating up content, and the creators, some of whom make a living off of sponsorships and advertising.

To calculate which stars were the biggest, we turned to Socialblade to see the 11 most popular YouTube stars in the world focused on gaming by subscriber count. When possible, we also included their estimated earnings from 2017 (via Forbes.)

Check out the list below: