'Two And A Half Men' Ratings Plummeted After Charlie Sheen Was Fired [CHARTS]


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We recently shared some charts from "Graph TV," a site that indexes the IMDB ratings of TV shows.


It's pretty useful if you want to see fan's favorite - and least favorite - episodes of shows quickly or if you want to see when viewership of a popular show started to wane.

After CBS announced "Two and A Half Men" would come to a close after season 12 Wednesday, we decided to take a look at the long running show.

Charlie Sheen was ousted from the show following negative comments about the show's creator, Chuck Lorre, initially on radio and TMZ followed by a series of network interviews where he exhibited strange behavior and continued to bad mouth Lorre and the network.

As a result, the show awkwardly killed off Sheen's character at the start of the ninth season.


The episode may have been a rating's high for the network (more than 28 million viewers tuned in to watch); however, Sheen's absence wasn't received well by long-time viewers.

Now in season 11 an average of million watch weekly.

According to Graph TV, here's how IMDB ratings and reviews look for episodes with Sheen replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

Now in its 11th season, the show receives between 8-10 million viewers (much less than the average of 15 million when Sheen was around).

In comparison, here's an overview of the show's ratings by season average. See how the ratings fared with and without Sheen.


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