Entrepreneurship should be the first subject you learn after English. Here’s why

Entrepreneurship should be the first subject you learn
after English. Here’s why“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” – Albert Einstein

Entrepreneurship programs are extremely popular at business schools all over the country. Be that as it may, with the high price tag of MBA programs today, many aspiring entrepreneurs think about whether it's justified regardless of the cost and if these programs convey real value. A MBA is not going to make somebody an entrepreneur. But business schools do teach some fundamental skills important to maintain a business, generate revenue, set up partnerships, oversee people and for the most part dodge financial or lawful issues.

We'll generally require doctors, lawyers and engineers, however we beyond any doubt as hellfire need entrepreneurs, as well. Which is the reason we have to think about how we can pay it forward and help inspire, mentor, and engage people to think like entrepreneurs.

We can't predict the job market and economy our students will enter. In this manner, we really can't predict what content our students require keeping in mind the end goal to be fruitful after they leave the schools. We know in actuality that our students require skills that will permit them to navigate uncertain waters and graph their own ways. Entrepreneurship education teaches these skills.

As testing and standards assume control over our education system, opportunities for students to create, innovate, collaborate, and exhibit capability or mastery in real-life ways get to be distinctly scarcer. Entrepreneurship education encourages, as well as obliges students to be imaginative, to innovate, and to collaborate with others.


This truth is self-evident. Entrepreneurs, by definition, need to have an effect. In the business sense, entrepreneurs try to solve problems, meet needs, and ease pain or trouble as a method for selling products or services. In the social sense, entrepreneurs try to solve problems as a result of the impact ideas and solutions can make on individuals or on the world. Either way, students trained in entrepreneurship education enter the world not just trained to identify problems that need fathoming, but also determined to inventively solve problems, meet needs, and make world a better place.