Etihad’s strategic partner Jet Airways has off loaded the maximum number of people last year

United Airlines’ recent incident of violently offloading of passenger has subjected them to worldwide protests from passengers boycotting the airlines to rival airlines trolling badly. But don’t sleep in peace, if you have a Jet Airways ticket in India.

If reports are to be believed, Jet Airways is the United Airlines of India with most offloading instances in last few years. So if you are flying a Jet Airways in future, make sure to reach the airport well in advance and get your web check in done the night before to avoid all hassles.

While Jet Airways can never beat United Airlines in the magnitude of violence and audacity, going by the statistics, it has off loaded 11,901 passengers (out of 1.89 crore it flew in 2016) last year. Between Decembers last year to February this year, 7,266 out of 8,150 flyers offloaded were from Jet Airways.

Coming second in the competition is the state run Air India, which off loaded a meagre 808 passengers.

The data provided by the Department of Transportation 40,629 passengers were denied boarding in the domestic flights in the USA last year. Southwest Airlines has 14,979 of such instances. Compared to the USA, in India, only 15,000 people were offloaded.


The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) doesn’t need to maintain any separate data on whether the passengers off loaded were forced to or not. There is just one clause of compulsion by DGCA in case of off loading passengers that includes, compensating them well.

The compensation includes accommodating the offloaded passengers in hotels and booking them in next available flight at the earliest. The Indian carriers have paid Rs 6.35 crore in compensating the offloaded passengers last year, while Jet alone spent Rs 4.75 crore.

Indigo Airlines, which holds the king’s share in domestic passenger market in India has the least number of off loading instances. This is because, while other Indian carriers have a global distribution ticketing system and encourages overbooking, Indigo doesn’t allow overbooking.

Jet Airways, which has a strategic partnership with the UAE’s national airline Etihad Airways, has been on the headlines quite often for its moves that are inconvenient for passengers. Last year, a TV star had complained of being molested on a flight by a co-passenger, while Jet Airways flight captain allegedly shirked responsibility.